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What replaced Port Network command

I used to be able to set an uplink port with the interface command "port network" so that it would not learn all the mac addresses that are being flooded down to the switch. It does not seem to be there on the 2950's or 35XX switches.

Where did it go and what is replacing it?

Interface is a Trunk port as well.


Re: What replaced Port Network command

First, check the IOS version in 2950 and 35XX switches.Because, this "port network" command was introduced only from the IOS version 11.2(8)SA4. There might be a chance that "port protected" is enabled on your particular interface.A network port can never be a protected port. For detailed restrictions of a "port network" command, refer the following.

1. A network port can be a static-access port, a multi-VLAN port, a port group, or a trunk port. Both the multi-VLAN port and the trunk port become the network port for all the VLANs associated with that port

2. A network port cannot be an ATM, a secure, a monitor, a protected, or a dynamic-access port. You can assign a dynamic-access port to a VLAN in which another port is the network port.

3. Each VLAN can have one network port.

4. A network port cannot be in a destination-based port group

5. A network port cannot be a protected port

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What replaced Port Network command

I have been looking for an answer to this question myself and it seems that even in 6 years there hasn't been a clear answer.

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