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What router to buy?

Currently have the aironet wireless 350 ap and two wireless laptops for use at home. The AP goes to a 4 port SMC router with a printer port on the router. I want to switch to a Cisco router, but can't find one in the product list that has a printer port on the router. I'm looking at the SOHO 90 and I use cable as my ISP. How can I hook up the AP, and 2 hard wired desk tops to a Cisco router and have a laser printer attached some how to the router so I can print from any computer through the router? I don't want the printer attached to a computer so that it has to be on for the printer to work. Thanks, Bill

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Re: What router to buy?

Get a hub, or switch, and attach your wirelss, router, and network card thats on the printer to the hub or switch. That will solve your connection issue. For the router, get one that is compatible with your cable modem.

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