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New Member

what's mean of show tcp 's giveup and retrans?

When I show tcp on my 7500,I found the value of retrans,ackhold and giveup is so bigger.

what's mean of this? Does it means something is wrong?

7500>show tcp

Stand-alone TCP connection from host

Connection state is ESTAB, I/O status: 1, unread input bytes: 0

Local host:, Local port: 2065

Foreign host:, Foreign port: 11023

Enqueued packets for retransmit: 0, input: 0 mis-ordered: 0 (0 bytes)

TCP driver queue size 0, flow controlled FALSE

Event Timers (current time is 0x4F5FED18):

Timer Starts Wakeups Next

Retrans 3779836 45 0x0

TimeWait 0 0 0x0

AckHold 1272930 1 0x0

SendWnd 0 0 0x0

KeepAlive 8 0 0x0

GiveUp 3779790 0 0x0

PmtuAger 0 0 0x0

DeadWait 0 0 0x0

iss: 2393627442 snduna: 3300519493 sndnxt: 3300519493 sndwnd: 20428

irs: 3302910483 rcvnxt: 3575996359 rcvwnd: 20157 delrcvwnd: 323

SRTT: 300 ms, RTTO: 303 ms, RTV: 3 ms, KRTT: 0 ms

minRTT: 28 ms, maxRTT: 1616 ms, ACK hold: 200 ms

Flags: passive open, higher precedence, retransmission timeout

Datagrams (max data segment is 536 bytes):

Rcvd: 5053844 (out of order: 7), with data: 1273026, total data bytes: 273107447

Sent: 5053230 (retransmit: 45, fastretransmit: 8), with data: 3780160, total dat

a bytes: 906963827


Re: what's mean of show tcp 's giveup and retrans?

Retrans- The Retransmission timer is used to time TCP packets that have not been acknowledged and are waiting for retransmission.

AckHold- The Acknowledgment timer is used to delay the sending of acknowledgments to the remote TCP in an attempt to reduce network use.

Here is a url that explains the output from the show tcp command:

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