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What Switches to use?????

Hey all,

I've been tasked to build a Network that will have 460 Nodes. The Nodes attached to the Network are going to be Digital Video Recorders. These recorders will be 10/100/1000 capable. I would like to provide Gigabit speed to the nodes. I also have to provide Multilayer functionality. (IP routing, Private VLAN security & possibly QoS ).

I need to provide at least two desing scenarios.

What products would you guys suggest on using. example. A bunch of 37xx (SMI software) switches cascaded off a couple of 37xx (EMI software) switches or Maybe a couple of 4500 series switches with 48 port 10/100/1000 blades installed or 6000 series ???

Please help.



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Re: What Switches to use?????

Design questions are always answered with - it depends. Where are the 460 nodes located? A single wire-closet or multiple? What will the traffic patterns (flow from node-node) be like? You should be more specific about the features you need now and anticipate needing in the future. From what you have provided I would imagine you will end up with a mixture of the devices you listed. For example, if all the devices are out of one distribution then you'll likely use Cat6k's. On the other hand, if the nodes are very dispursed then you might have a core of Cat6k's with 3550's or 3750's at the access. You should sit down with your account team and spec out what it is that you need.

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Re: What Switches to use?????

I'm sorry, I should have added more info.

Here it is.

All Digital Video recorders are going to be located in the same room. Here is the layout, There will be 20x 19"x 6foot Rack, in each rack there will be ~22 Digital recorders. I estimated about 20 racks in total. As for cabling we have the option of running all to a common distribution point or installing switches in each cabinet and daisy chainging them together. The 20 racks will all be in 4 rows of 5 racks/per row with a space of 6 feet between rows.

Only protocol used is IP. As far as anticipating traffic patterns, it would be an on-demand from a remote workstation (Connected to the same switches) to each individual Digital Recorders. (This is for play back of data on the Digital Recorders).

The QoS Stuff and routing functionalities would be used to interconnect this surveilance site to two other simmular survailance sites yet to be built. The QoS would only be used on the WAN links and not locally within the LAN. I was hoping to use EIGRP as a routing protocol to connect the future sites because we would setup multiple paths to each site.

I do have a call put in with our local account team, I just want to see what others would do if they were in my situation.

Thanks again for all the help.

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Re: What Switches to use?????


Here is what I would do. In each row of cabinets, I would put a 6509 chassis and do a full mesh between switches. Then run all connections for each row into the switch for that row. You'll need 110 ports for each row, and the 6509 maxes out at 130(per handbook) ports. If this is too expensive, re-examine the need for Gig links for the DVR. I would think that 100Mb full duplex might suffice. That would lower your cost considerably.


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