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What version of Java plug-in ?????

I have installed Ciscoworks 2000 CD 1 edition 4 plus the cw-cd-one-ed4-p1-nt patch kit. on two different machines. I am having a problem with what java plug-in should be installed on the system at the end of the installation.

On one machine I am left with java plug-in V 1.3.1_02 and V 1.3.1. CW200- seems to be using V1.3.1_02 although it keeps asking if I want to install some other version ( I believe to be 1.3.1). I just ignore the request.

On the other machine the patch was installed but then the customer acknowledged that a java plug-in be installed when the product was started up. CW2000 would then not start up at all.

After many-many times reinstalling the whole product and the patch and deleteing the various java plug-ins, even to installing the java plug-in V1.3.1_02 direct from SUN which resulted in the CW not working at all we eventually got to a java plug-in V1.3.1 only, with some success.

Even so the whole product seems to so unreliable on both machimes, CW2000 process just stops manay many times during the day, ANI procees stuck in discovery which needed reload of product, Visual manager takes up to five minutes to start due to java startup.

I am hoping that the java plug-in is the cause of all these problems.

What java plug-in should I end up with??

Both machines are W2000 SP2 with no other products.

Community Member

Re: What version of Java plug-in ?????

Sound like the problem I had.

It is OK to user ver 1.3.1. What you may need to do also is download the latest Microsoft Virtual Machine update. It fixed my problem with ie 5.


Barry Hart

Community Member

Re: What version of Java plug-in ?????

Thanks for the advice. I am going to start again and hope I get better results.

Cisco Employee

Re: What version of Java plug-in ?????

CW2000 requires Java 1.3.1 and the only supported version at this time.

The best way to solve this issue so that CW2000 runs reliably is to

1)remove all other plugins,

2)delete all temporary internet files,

3)reboot the workstation

4)login into CW2000 first

The server if the CD1 Edition 4 patch** is installed should download 1.3.1 to the client. You will get a expired certificate warning however you just do a "grant always" and everything should be good to go.

**Note: if the patch has not been applied you need to do this first.

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Re: What version of Java plug-in ?????

You must install the next JVM:

j2re-1_3_1_02-win (Don't install the j2sdk-1_3_1_02-win)

I really believe that this really works.

1. First, uninstall the java that you have installed

2. Second, install the new java j2re

3. Third, open The CW2K

4. And finally, if some window appear saying "Grant Session" Click Grant Always.

I hope that this can help you.


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