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When to VLAN on small networks

What criteria is used to determine when it is prudent to use VLAN configurations within a network? Also, what specifically will generate a great deal of broadcast traffic? If anyone knows of any white papers and guides that get down to the nitty gritty and address when to VLAN it would be a big help to me. Cisco books and course work are fine, but they do not tell you specifically what types of devices or systems generate a great deal of broadcast traffic, nor do they discuss what types of distributed data networks work well, or not so well in a VLAN environment. TIA


Re: When to VLAN on small networks

Using VLANs for performance issues (smaller b'cast domains) is one thing. You can also use vlans to separate usergroups and implement some sercurity.

In a smaller environment this will be the most important reason to split the network up.

Most modern network apllications are quite well behaved and do not generate extensive broadcasts.

Beware with older applications and also with the -home made- stuff.

Most broadcasts that you normallyn observe are ARP-requests and they tend to increase gradually and in line with the number of hosts attached.



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