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where can i find TFTP Software ?

Hi everybody ..

we need upgrade our routers 2610XM but i lost my tftp software. i couldn´t find it in cisco web sites. can anybody help me in it??




Re: where can i find TFTP Software ?

It's not made by Cisco, but I've had success with this one:

Re: where can i find TFTP Software ?

The best one I have found (and use all the time) for Windows is the 3Com 3CDaemon. It has a TFTP Server, TFTP Client, FTP Server and SYSLOG Server all built into the one application; any of which can be enabled or disabled.



Re: where can i find TFTP Software ?

Cisco used to have a TFTP Server. But no more. Here's more info from the web site:



The Microsoft (r) Windows (r) based TFTP server previously provided by Cisco Systems has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Cisco Systems. This software suffers from a security bug described in ( Persons still using the server should consider replacing it with any of the high quality freeware and shareware TFTP servers. As a historical note, the Cisco TFTP server was released to customers in 1995 and at a time when no other freely available TFTP servers existed.

Today, there are many TFTP servers available, can be easily found by searching for "tftp server" on your favorite internet search engine. Cisco does not specifically recommend any particular TFTP implementation.

It is also useful to note that modern versions of IOS also support the use of FTP instead of TFTP for loading of images or configuration files. Use of FTP overcomes a number of inherent limitations of TFTP including a lack of security and a 16 megabyte file size limitation.


I have had success with 3Com TFTP Servers downloading IOS software to Cisco routers and switches. If you go to they have freeware that can run as an executable on your laptop, or as a service on a Windows Server.

There is probably better TFTP Server software out there on the Internet. But this is what I'm used to working with, and it gets the job done.

Hope this helps.

Re: where can i find TFTP Software ?

3Com TFTP servers have some DOS vulnerabilities, so try to get the 2.0 version of the software.

This software has an integrated, Syslog server, TFTP server, FTP server.

I personally kinda like this software.

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Re: where can i find TFTP Software ?

I use the Solar Winds TFTP server and it works pretty good. Here is the link to it:

Hope this helps.


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