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where to configure SMTP in RME for job approval ?

I have LMS and RWAN running in a Solaris 8 machine. May I know where to configure SMTP setting for job approval ?

I checked RME>Administration>System Configuration, I only see tab for Proxy, SNMP and RCP. No SMTP setting is found


Re: where to configure SMTP in RME for job approval ?

Hopefully this will be helpful.

For the application:

Go to Resource Management Essentials->Administration->Job Approval->Create Approver List. Choose a name for the aproval list then click on "Next".

Choose the names from the Cw2k accounts (only defined user accounts with email addresses added to them will show up in the chooser box) in the order that you want them to approve the job. Then you must check "Enable Jobs" from the Job Approval level. What this will do is send out an email from your server on the OS level from "ciscoworks" to the user list you'v e created with a link back to either the IP address:port or servername:port (depending on your install options) directly to a job summary page where they can either approve or disapprove. If its approved, it will progress serially to the next in the list. Remember to allow enough lead time for the jobs to be approved because the system will fail a job if the time comes to run it and it doesn't have the full approval chain completed.

On the OS level:

Configure sendmail (or whatever email transport you've got running on the system) at least for outbound email (Cw2k is stupid with email, it only can send ... it wouldn't be difficult to parse an email for commands).

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Re: where to configure SMTP in RME for job approval ?

Making a UNIX box send out an email is not that difficult. But which steps are necessary on a Win2K server?

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