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Which GBIC should I purchase?

I am debating if I should buy the WS-3500-XL or WS-G5484 module to add to my switches. I have 2948G-L3 and 2948G type switches. I am currently using loop back CAT5 cords and have learned the GBIC modules would improve my network responsiveness...

I would prefer the WS-3500, but am not clear on the difference between the two? Also I will need to install 2 GBICs to the switches on the DATA Room end and the DATA Closet end. The DATA Room and Closet will be tied together with fiber.

Please advise.

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Re: Which GBIC should I purchase?

Above is a link to what I think you are looking for. I believe it IS compatible with the 2900XL.


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Re: Which GBIC should I purchase?


first you need to choose between single mode and multi mode (depending on tyhe kind of fiber installed in your infrastructure).

Then you have the choice of ws-g5484 (for multi mode fiber) or ws-g5486 (for single mode fiber) GBics. They will work with any switches with a gbic port.

The ws-3500 you are talking about is for copper gigastacking, and not fiber.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Which GBIC should I purchase?

Mathieu, thank you very much for clearing this up... Makes sense and provides me with some direction! Thank you and Happy Holidays!! Cassandra

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