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which ios for 4000-M

i want to use a 4000-m to connect to the Internet in which we are buying two T1s from Verizon.

I can't figure out which feature set i need. I tried the roadmap but i don't know what items to pick.

Do i just need 'IP' ?

and should i have any concerns about performance with a 4000? I have a spare 2610 but i'd like to use this older one.


Re: which ios for 4000-M

The IP only feature set should be sufficient if that is all you are running on the box.

Whether the 4000 will be sufficient will depend on the maount of traffic but it should cope fine with 2 x T1s.

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Re: which ios for 4000-M

The 4000 is a rock solid 'fire and forget' router. As long as you have the right amount of memory (cisco approved) for the IOS you want to run, you should be OK. See for info.

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Re: which ios for 4000-M


also, i can't find what indicates the differences in a feature set. For example, what is in the IP PLUS IOS that makes it different from just IP.

There must be something on the TAC but i don't see it.

Do know where to locate?

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Re: which ios for 4000-M

Check the release-notes for the software you want and there you can see the differences between the feature set.


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