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which lines and ttys? (slot-in modem on 2600)

I've posted before in a related topic so thanx for patience.

my router is of the 2600 series

i've found out i do have a slot in wan card named "wic-2am", holding two lines, line0 and line1. this card seem to be installed in the first slot (top right on backside). Iv'e attached a analog line to line0 (name on chassis)

My problem to begin with is to understand which lines or tty's to configure!

what i need is dail-in to my network.

i've tried this:

show modem (nothing obvious appears)

show int (nothing obvious appears)

show line (bunch of tty's, aux seem to be 65, nothing obvius which are my modems though)

show diag (nothing obvious appears)

So, please tell me how to find out where my modems (the wic-2am) in IOS as im very frustrated over this.

please also take the time as to shortly explain how i would config them (i meen about lines and tty's -the connection and spread and such)

Thanx alot

----------------------------->just found this!:

The Cisco 2600 series router's single network module slot is always 1.

then i might count (?)

interface-number = (32 x slot-number) + port-number + 1

which would give line0 as int nr: 33 ??

and line1 as 34 ??

would i then go: conf line async 33 (please help)


Re: which lines and ttys? (slot-in modem on 2600)

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