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Which router I need?

Hello, this will be a little large (sorry).

I am trying to found which Cisco router can solves my problematic.

I have 5 adsl lines configured with 5 independent routers with Public Static IP addresses.

Actually this routers are connected directly to main switch of the office. This routers are used basically to give internet access to my users.

One of the routers is being used to give access to an internal database server, using NAT accept connections from my clients to use our database application from the Internet.

I need to use the 5 adsl lines at the same time to give more bandwith to my external users. I can´t get bigger adsl lines but i can get more lines.

The problem is the return traffic. I can "segment" the external clients to use different connection IPs to my office (to use my 5 adsl), but I can´t route the outbound traffic to send it using the same router as it have arrived.

I know this is possible to do, but I don´t know which router can do it.

I think this is source-routing maybe?



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Re: Which router I need?

After researching all morning, I think your best solution is made by a company called FatPipe.

I could not find a comparable Cisco product or find the documentation to achieve the same result.


Re: Which router I need?

Are the static ip addresses all from same ISP ? As long as they are different address spaces (subnets), packets going outbound (Nated to a particular ip space) should come back through the same path. You might need some coordination with your ISP as to set their routes properly for networks assigned to your company.

I am not sure if I am understanding your question properly here.

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Re: Which router I need?

Al the external IP addresses are from the same ISP, but they are in different subnets.

Maybe my approach to the problem is wrong, I will try to explain it again. (sorry for my poor English)

Actually: external clients connect to my central office using 1 of my Public IP, I have 1 simple router that uses NAT to translate this connections to my internal DB server. This works tecnically fine, any incoming request is sent to my server and it is given back for the default gateway of the server, that is the Router.

Problem: the bandwith of the line is too poor to the number of clients, that is increasing too fast.

What I want to do: if I can have a router (or another device) which I can put internally between my adsl routers and my server so that brings to my server only one gateway and at the same time, this "device" can use the 5 other routers as if they were its own gateways. At this point an incoming connection using one of my 5 IPs is routed to my server, and is returned to the same outbound adsl router through this "device".

According to my knowledge this task can be done with a software router, using a dedicated computer running Linux or any kind of routing software. But at the moment I don´t want to use this solution due to the possible complications.

I hope you understand me.


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Re: Which router I need?


Can anybody tell me something about this?

Maybe I am very wrong, but I need to know if what I want is possible to do.


Re: Which router I need?


i think ur in need of kind of loadbalancer here and thinking of a router or a s/w box to do tht ..

i feel u can deploy out a router which could help u to a gr8 extent coz of the limited features in software based routing box.

But once u put the router in between the ADSL connections to share the traffic thru the lines u need to check out on the ip addressing scheme to be used.

u need to have a ip configured on the router and default routes to the adsl line routers.

But it again depends on the configurations on the ADSL line routers or ADSL boxes where the adsl lines are getting connected.

I think u need to throw more clarity on the ADSL boxes and the kinda configs those boxes can accept.


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Re: Which router I need?

Why not switch to a point to point T1 circuit. You are probably close to the same cost with five DSL lines and five seperate routers.

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Re: Which router I need?

What is your bandwidth on the ADSL lines

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Re: Which router I need?

ADSL WIC (WAN Interface Card)

The ADSL WIC included with the CISCO2600XM-ADSL Router Bundles is based on the ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) and ITU G.992.2 (G.lite) standards. The WIC-1ADSL operates at speeds of up to 8Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream. Multiple ADSL WICs can be provisioned per 2600XM to provide even higher bandwidth or WAN back

I looks like the 2600XM series could handle as many as 4 DSL cards because it has 2 WIC slots and one NM slot could handle NM with two more WIC slots.

I will keep looking to see how exactly this is done.

or if it can be done. It definitely depends on cooperation from your DSL provider.

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Re: Which router I need?

After researching all morning, I think your best solution is made by a company called FatPipe.

I could not find a comparable Cisco product or find the documentation to achieve the same result.

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Re: Which router I need?



I don´t readed the entire product specifications but It seems to be EXACTLY what I am lookin for.

The ADSL lines are of 2Mbps Download / 300Kbps upload. Due to the physical ubication of the office, any ISP can give more connection speed.

I will read all info about this hardware.

Thanks a lot.

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