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Which router would be best?

I have a customer that has a fairly good sized LAN(100 workstations). They also have a smaller LAN at this facility with appx 20 workstations that is not physically connected to their main network. This smaller LAN needs access to one or two IP addresses on the main LAN. She doesn't want to physically connect the smaller LAN to the main one because the smaller one runs some imaging stuff and she doesn't want that traffic on the main LAN. I'm guessing we can control access between the two using a routing table. The amount of data that will be sent over this connection will be very small. Mostly text and such from about 5 workstations. Which router would be best in this situation? And what would be the ideal way to set this up?

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Re: Which router would be best?

If these two networks are separate subnets, connect them with a switch and a router. The router could route between the two separate subnets by using sub-interfaces. A small router that could be used would be a 1600 or 1700. I like the 1600 or 1700 so that you can add a WAN interface if needed later. If that is not the case, check out the Cisco 800 which still has the Cisco IOS. Once the two networks are routing to each other, use an access list to limit the traffic for your needs.

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Re: Which router would be best?

Which ever router you use, conrol traffic using ACLs.

Kill 2 birds in one. Security and Managing traffic.

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