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which switch to buy for load balancing and firewall protection

I have 6 Dell Servers

I want to run 2 www servers, 1 master DB and one back up server, an image server and DNS servers

we get a traffic between 10,000 to 100,000 depends what time of the day.

I am thinking of getting a Cisco 4948 and ASA firewall.

For a application I need load balancing and firewall protection.

Any suggestions which ASA I should go for . I would like to know if Cisco 4948 is the right choice of switch or should I be looking at content switching and go for one of the 11500 series or go with content switching module for cisco catalyst 6500 series switch. I am open to suggestions .

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Re: which switch to buy for load balancing and firewall protecti

There is no straight forward answer for this type of thing. I would suggest identifying the number of simultaneous sessions you need to support (a single user can have many, many HTTP session. I routinely see one user have 30+ sessions but it all depends on how your app is written). Then take a look at the throughput you need to support. These two numbers are going to drive what you need in a firewall and a switch.

Load balancers not only have throughput and session limits, they also have different session and throughput limits for HTTP and HTTPS. Furthermore, load balancers are loaded with all sorts of other features that you may or may not use. I recently ran an eval of Radware, F5 and CSS loadbalancers. F5 won hands down, but they cost much more $$$ then the others.

I hope this at least gives you a bit of a pointer in figuring out how to spec the right equipment.

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