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Why some critical MIB values are not shown?

I have been searching in the MIB of a 2610 router, because I need to generate some Concord graphics on the connection to the provider. In fact, it is a router on our premises, but not available to log in. However, what I see is that with 'public' as community string, you can read the values of certain MIB variables. However, is it possible that the owner (the provider) can turn of the possibility to view certain MIB values, and to let other values be traceable? This because, for example, in the MIB module "internet.mngmt.mib-2.system", the variables like sysUpTime, ifOutUCastPkts, ifInUcastPkts cannot be seen. However, in the same mib module, with the same community string used, we can see the values of variables like ifInOctets, ifOutOctets...

So it seems like some variables in the same mib module are accessible, and others are not. However, these are just the variables I need (for determining latency, availability etc.).

Also, serial0/0:0 is a frame relay interface. This interface has a subinterface s0/0:0.16 (probably to define the point2point PVC) and nothing more (can be seen in ifTable MIB). What can be the reasons that the values for ifOutPkts for the s0/0:0 and s0/0:0.16 are different?

Thanks for the help


Re: Why some critical MIB values are not shown?

Check out this bug CSCed68829 in the bug tool kit. You might be facing similar issues. One of the workarounds for this is to shutdown and then no shutdown the affected interfaces.

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