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Why the ospf command lead to the router reload?

cisco4500(config-router)#no network area 0





%ALIGN-1-FATAL: Illegal access to a low address

addr=0x11, pc=0x604B7690, ra=0x604B7628, sp=0x60B93F50

=== Flushing messages (20:51:58 UTC Fri Jul 4 2003) ===

Buffered messages:

THEN the router is reloaded automatically. The configuration is the version of

IOS 11.3 and used after the router update to IOS 12.1. (But there is no clue that

the configuration isn't fit to the new IOS and running stablly for 2 weeks.)

Should I reconfigurate the router manually ?



Re: Why the ospf command lead to the router reload?

An alignment error has occurred. Alignment errors are caused by misaligned reads and writes. For example, a two-byte read of a memory address that is not a multiple of two bytes is an alignment error. Alignment errors are c aused by internal software failures. The system will be reloaded, often with a bus error.

Recommended Action: This message is caused by a software failure. To take advantage of recent fixes, upgrade your system to the latest Cisco IOS software release in your release train. If this message recurs, copy the error message text exactly as i t appears on the console or in the system log, enter the show log, show alignment and show tech-support commands, contact your Cisco technical support representative, and provide the representative with the gathered information.


Re: Why the ospf command lead to the router reload?

You'll need a show version to solve this one... And a show align, if possible. With those two, someone inside Cisco could look up the traceback, and then find out if there is an existing defect that looks the same as this, etc. If you can open a TAC case, that's the best thing to do.


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