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WIC alarm

New 1721 install on a new t1 line. The line goes up for a 30 sec and back down for 5 min with the WIC alarm light on. Move both new 1721 routers to another known good t1 line and they work. SBC phone company has replaced the smart jacks on both ends and says the line is good but the csu and smart jack drop connection on both ends. The t1 that the 1721 routers worked on have a different model smart jack.

Is it possible that the 1721 will work with the 1 model of smart jack and not the other? The phone company says its not there problem even thow the 2 routers work on a known good t1 line.

Do you know of any problems the 1721 WIC not working with some smart jacks?


Re: WIC alarm

when you connect to a different smart jack are you using the same cables ? Is there an extended demarc ?

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Re: WIC alarm

Yes I am using the same 10' cat5 patch cable.

I do not know if there is an extended demarc.

I will have to ask SBC that and let you know.

SBC did say that the signal was good all the way to the smart jack on both ends.

Is there anything else I can look for or ask SBC?

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