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will cisco support custom build socket server?

Our field user use dial-in modem connect to cisco box, once dialin access granted, the cisco box auto-connect to socket port(say 2002) on the backend file server. A server app listen on that socket port (2002), waiting to serve file.

My question is :

How to configure IOS to relay the command and data between dialin user and backend application? I know ios support telnet/rlogin , but will it support other tcp connection?

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Re: will cisco support custom build socket server?

You can configure the cisco box to do "autocommand" once the modem to modem connection is made..So lets say if you want user to auto telnet to ip on tcp port 23 after DSR comeup or modem to modem connection is made, Cisco box can automate that process for you by entering

autocommand telnet 23

under the line config..So the user can be directly connected to tcp port 23 on ip after successful authentication etc..Is that waht you need??Thx..Tejal

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Re: will cisco support custom build socket server?


Thanks for reply. But I need more than that, I already done autocommand

part. But here instead of connect to telnetd at 23, I am connecting to another

socket port, which is not based on telnet protocol. I am trying to find out

whether cisco support such kind of custom build socket application.

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