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windows 2K

Just started having a problem with our fast ethernet/port channel interfaces between a 7500 series router and a 2900XL switch. This setup has been in place and running normally for well over a year. We have just recently started upgrading our workstations to windows 2000 and since then have started having problems between the router and the switch. The router interfaces and the switch interfaces are physically linked by fiber and are both configured for 100Mbps full duplex. When the problem occurs we lose communication to the switch. No error messages are logged by either the switch or the router. Does anyone know what's going on?


Re: windows 2K

Would need more information to help you diagnose the problem (ie. configs, topology description). Here's a helpful link on troubleshooting switch port problems:

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Re: windows 2K

Hello there,

I used to experience a problem like yours awhile ago. I was able to track down the problem to a node on the switch with a bad nic. Yes hard to imagin a nic would cause a switch to reload. I am trying to remember the bug ID for it but at this time I can not. I would recommend in checking the ports on the switch and see which node has a high amount of errors on it.

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