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Windows XP slow network browsing with Cat 2900

We have recently upgraded several computers to Windows XP but are having problems with network browsing and drive mappings. Has anyone hear of problems with xp and cat 2900 switches?



Re: Windows XP slow network browsing with Cat 2900

No, I've heard of no problems with the 2900's. I have however heard of a drove of issues with XP, both in function and stability (Win2KProf???/ or better yet Linux). Is there any specific issues you are having? You might check your protocol bindings to ensure only needed ones are being used.

Hope this helps you,


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Re: Windows XP slow network browsing with Cat 2900

Not really enough information to make an educated guess, but I suggest you check your network settings on your XP clients to see what type of node you have specified. There are a number of possible settings to try which affect network browsing capabilities of the client. Example, perhaps you are Netbios over IP and if so, which node type are you - there are 4 types each with a different search order. The node type you pick determines the order in which searching is done and if not correctly specified the client may have to wait what seems a lifetime to timeout before it will jumps over to the next method is the search algorithm. If you are using DHCP for your clients then the Netbios node type is one parameter that can be specified and passed to the client as part of the address reservation/lease. Good luck.

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Re: Windows XP slow network browsing with Cat 2900

Yeah we were having this problem with slow Windows XP network shares.

Here is a little fix....

Control Panel

Network Connections

Click once on the network connection then goto Advanced menu bar

Advanced Settings

Provider Order Tab

Move Microsoft Windows Network to the top of the Network providers list.

Hope this helps.


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