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Wireless Barcode Network Data Transmission problem

We have a Barcode application running under SCO UNix 5.0.5. The barcodes

are read on our shop floor using Symbol Scanners attatched to Wyse 60

Terminals attached to ports on a digi port server. The port servers are

wired to a Cisco Aironet Bridge which sends a Wireless signal to a Cisco

Access point, which is connected via a Cisco Switch to our Unix Server.

Occasionaly, a barcode will be scanned AND registerd as a good scan, but the

part of the barcoded data is replaced with other characters. (Eg: If I

have a barcode which clearly should read as 1234, it will read 1 time out of

30 as 12&4). I thought that this might be the result of a transimssion

error somewhere in the wireless portion of the network, since the barcode

scans correctly most of the time and only occasionally (irrespective of the

terminal bing used) send the incorrect information to the server. Has

anyone seen this with Wireless Appliances before? Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance



Re: Wireless Barcode Network Data Transmission problem

The Wireless devices like Aironet bridge or AP are Layer 1/2 devices, so the error checking should be handled by the higher layer devices or applications. Check with Barcode application vendor if there is any error checking mechanism builtin the application.

Re: Wireless Barcode Network Data Transmission problem

I would also work with a sniffer on this one and work along the line to start to finish to see where (if anywhere) packets are getting dropped. You would be looking for Ethernet II packets with an Ethertype of 8780 - 8785 (they belong to Symbol). Also look for the Symbol MAC address.

Hope it helps.


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