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WS-X2922-XL-V vs. 100BFX card capabilities????

I have a WS-2924M XL that came with a refurbished 2 port 100FX card. Yesterday I tried to set up a trunk between that switch and a 4006 with no success. Come to find out when I do a "show ver" that refurbished switch shows me that the 2 port FX card is 100BFX. I was expecting to see WS-X2922-XL-V

because the WS-X2922-XL-V supports 802.1Q encapsulation but this cheesy 100FX card it came with does not. When I go to int fa1/1 and do a "switchport ?" I only get these options....

REFURBISHED_SWITCH(config-if)#switchport ?

access Set acess mode characteristics

mode Set trunking mode of the interface

multi Set characteristics when in multi-VLAN

priority Set 802.1p priorities

voice Voice appliance attributes

You see it doesn't give me an option for "TRUNK" like the WS-X2922-XL-V card does? I was thinking maybe it was the IOS on the refurbished switch, but after I loaded a new image it still did not have the option for "TRUNK". This tells me that the card that is being recognized as 100BFX does not have dot1q encapsulation options? Does anyone know if this is true?

Below are the options I get with the WS-X2922-XL-V card

CCW-ADMIN1-CSW1(config-if)#switchport ?

access Set access mode characteristics of the interface

mode Set trunking mode of the interface

multi Set characteristics when in multi-VLAN mode

priority Set 802.1p priorities

trunk Set trunking characteristics of the interface

voice Voice appliance attributes

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,



Re: WS-X2922-XL-V vs. 100BFX card capabilities????

What port(s) are you trying to connect to on the 4006? And how far apart are the two switches?

Also, check out what kinds of VLAN trunks are supported on the 2924M XL and the 4006. Your choices are 802.1Q or ISL. Some switches support both, on a port-by-port basis. Others are either all-ISL or all-802.1Q. I don't recall the specifics of those two switches at the moment, but maybe this is an issue too.

UPDATE: I just re-read your post, realized you're already onto the 802.1Q/ISL trunking issue. Cisco's web site says the WS-X2922-XL-V supports both. Not sure what 100FX card you got; will have to dig back into my archives to see if there was a module that preceded this.

Also saw that 4006 does 802.1Q only, if you have Sup. I or II module, and CatOS; and both 802.1Q and ISL, if you have Sup. III or IV, and Cisco IOS.

Hope this helps.

Community Member

Re: WS-X2922-XL-V vs. 100BFX card capabilities????

Yes, I've found out that only the WS-X2922-XL-V can do both ISL / 802.1q encap! This is one of those

"You got to pay close attention to what part number you order" type of issues. You see the card that I ordered did NOT have the XL-V at the end so they sent me this standard 100BTX 2 port card. Come to find out, this card DOES NOT support dot1Q encapsulation. That blows!! Now, I have to go order another card and spend more money! :-(

Thanks for your help!


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