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X.75 ISDN test setup with 2811 and PVDM2-12DM modem

Hi all,

We have a customer that requires ISDN-X.75 connection as a back-up for IP. This is used by emergency services that require redundancy. We have to build a test set-up. We have two routers with the modem cards and with                 HWIC-1CE1T1-PRI=  cards. We need to build a test set-up to simulate an incoming call. With ISDN-V110 we could use one of the routers to place an outgoing call to the other router. This set-up is not possible with X.75, since the card can not dail out. What would be the best/cheapest/simplest approach to build this test set-up?

My involvement in this project is to build a Perl script that collects data via IOS using expect. If someone has the procedure to collect the calling and called line information for a connection with an example I would be very grateful. Our routers run Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3).

For V110/V.34 and X.25 the tty/vty is collected by issueing a show tcp to relate an IP connection that is created to the tty/vty. The tty/vty port is  then correlated to the calling and called line id.  This is done with show x25 vc for X.25 or show modem csm for V.110/V.34. We need something similar for X.75 to distill the calling and called line IDs for a given TCP connection.

Thanks in advance!

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