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x25 idle issue


I configured the "x25 idle 42" command on a serial interface so that X25 SVC time out after 42 minutes of inactivity.

However, I´ve found that this does not seem to work fine:

interface Serial1/2

description Enlace-ip-x25switch2

bandwidth 2048

ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

encapsulation x25

no ip mroute-cache

x25 address 1111

x25 htc 1650

x25 accept-reverse

x25 idle 42

x25 map ip 2222 broadcast

SVC 1, State: D1, Interface: Serial1/2

Started 7w3d, last input 00:43:41, output never

Connects 2222 <-> ip

Call PID ietf, Data PID none

Window size input: 2, output: 2

Packet size input: 128, output: 128

PS: 0 PR: 4 ACK: 4 Remote PR: 0 RCNT: 0 RNR: no

P/D state timeouts: 0 timer (secs): 0

data bytes 0/23509699 packets 0/303996 Resets 0/0 RNRs 0/0 REJs 0/0 INTs 0/0

As you can see, this SVC is in the idle state for longer than the configured threshold.

Any idea or suggestion?

IOS version is 12.0(14)



Re: x25 idle issue

It is the responsibility of either the originator or receipient of a X.25 call to disconnect the call. If the router is acting as a switch and is neither the source of the call or the destination, the x25 idle command will not disconnect the call.

If the X.25 is being sourced from the router, then the "x25 idle" command should automatically request disconnection after a period of idle traffic.

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Re: x25 idle issue

Well, actually we have a router which receives X25 WAN connections through several serial interfaces towards a couple of servers with 2 X.25 cards ( directly connected to the router ). Some connections are pure X.25 and others are XOT. Should the "x25 iddle" command enforce VC deletion in this scenario?



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