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xmodem in cisco 3640

We have a cisco 3640 Router and we upgraded the ios and when we rebooted the router the router did not reboot and strarted rebooting always. Then i went to romm monitor mode and used xmodem to copy the new ios form the tftp server which is the same system where the console cable to the router is connected. Byt when i give xmodem and the file name i get some $ sign four or five times then i get a message stating that timeout. Can some one advice me how to proceed

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Re: xmodem in cisco 3640

You may need to enter a path for the file. i.e. d:\tftpboot\filename

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Re: xmodem in cisco 3640

Thanks a lot on your suggestions. But still i am getting an error message

timeout waiting for data- Aborting download. It is asking me wheather to erase the flash and when i give yes i am getting something like $ 9 times and the error message. when i try receiving the file from the transfer icon the hyperterminal i am getting 9 retries failing.

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Re: xmodem in cisco 3640

Xmodem is not an automatic protocol.

You have to manually start the Xmodem transmit from the computer connected to the console (which must be running an Xmodem-capable terminal program (like HyperTem - Transfer|Send File| Xmodem)).

I think Xmodem 1K will also work, and is more efficient (1K blocks).

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Re: xmodem in cisco 3640

Please find the Xmodem console download procedure using ROMMon

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