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1710 EzVPN and 3000 Concentrator disconnects

Hi all,

I have a 1710 configured as a EzVPN Client. It connects back to a Cisco 3030. I can build a tunnel and pass traffic with no problems. After an unknown length of time I lose the SA on the 1710 and no matter what traffic I generate I cannot re-establish the connection unless I reboot the 1710. Once rebooted all is well till the next time. Config is attached below. Let me know if you see any issues.

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Re: 1710 EzVPN and 3000 Concentrator disconnects

Try changing your iomem size 25 to 10 or 15. If your running IOS that permits it, remove the iomem default statement completely and let 'smartinit' allocate your memory resources.


Re: 1710 EzVPN and 3000 Concentrator disconnects

I am seeing a similar problems with and 837 - IOS 12.3(7)T1 - connecting to a VPN 3015 Conc.

It appears that the tunnel will stay established as long as there is traffic traversing the link (e.g. a continuous ping to the inside address of the remote endpoint - I'm running the EzVPN Client in Network Extension Mode).

Does a "clear crypto ipsec client ezvpn" also force the tunnel to re-establish?

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