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1720 Modular Router and A.D.

Hello there: I am new to the board and would appreciate any help I could get if you have a moment out there. Here's the situation:

I am about to purchase two 1720 Modular Routers with the VPN bundle (dedicated encryption card) to run at our two offices - one in Northern and one in Southern CA. (We are a small outfit) I am also setting up 2 Win2K servers at both locations behind them to run Active Directory over the VPN for File/Print/Auth./etc.

I want the routers to run IPSEC and I have heard bad things about running NAT and IPSEC together. I plan on using the Windows Servers for DNS and DHCP. The responsibilities of the 1720 Routers will be to act as firewalls, encryption, and run NAT at each location. My questions are:

Does this sound feasible?

Would most of you recommend using the Proprietary Cisco client for Mobile users to join the tunnel?

Is the IPSEC and NAT thing true?

Has anyone heard of any compatibility issues with running Active Directory over VPN?

Thanks for any responses. If you can at least direct me toward more specific resources I would greatly appreciate it.

Tom Miller


Re: 1720 Modular Router and A.D.

NAT and IPSec used to have problems early on. Works fine now. The Cisco client works great for us and it didn’t make sense to go to another vendor from a support standpoint.

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