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1720 with 2 wic1enet and a befsx41

Hello, well here is what i want to do with the above, i have high speed cable connection and would like to test the cisco router and make the befsx41 to act as a switch, currently i have 4 pcs at home on the befsx41 but would like to hook it up with the 1720 and be turn on the vpn for remote access,i would like to know how i should proceed and how secure the vpn will be. I am do so cause i want to learn and practice in real time mode the CLI of the 1720 without losing my conectivity...i think that possible but need some help and i am also do some selfstudies for ccna...anyhelp will be appreciated or am i dreaming...thanks in advance...Mark


Re: 1720 with 2 wic1enet and a befsx41


few queries on what you would like to do exactly with the setup.

are you going to terminate the cable on ur linksys router and configure vpn on ur 1720 router ??

if thats the case whats the ip addressing scheme you have ? have you got enough public ip space over there to take care of the global reachability of the inside router from the outside world ?

nothing will be as good as a small topological diagram on the kinda network setup you wanted to have in place ..


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