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2960G switch - I don't want the self signed cert

I have a number of 2960's and just got a new one and have some time to play around so I thought I'd take an extra few minutes to make a cert in my MS certificate server which should be trusted by Windows domain computers, then I wouldn't get the annoying cert warning in my browser.  I recently set up Verisign certs on a couple of ASAs for AnyConnect so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal.  I think I got all of the cert stuff set up correctly but when I try and connect to the switch with a browser I still get the warning that it isn't from a trusted source - and - the switch keeps making self signed certs even after I remove them.  The ASA had a easy command to tell it to use a specific cert but after looking through docs and using the "?" in all sorts of possible commands at the CLI, I am unable to figure this one out.

Anyone have an answer or a doc for this?

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