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3.5sw on VPN3030 Crashing 1x every 30 days or so.

We have an active cvpn3030 with 85-100 users with tunnels up at any one time. A combo of PPTP and IPsec client sessions and a couple of IPsec lan-2-lan sessions. Twice now in the last three months the box has frozen up. The first time this happened TAC asked me for log files - but by that time the logs had rolled over and into cyber oblivion. (Funny how these things never happen when you're in the office or near a computer.) Anyhow - I wound up upgrading to 3.5 from an earlier version because of this same problem. 3.5 has definitely lessened the frequency - but the problem still exists. Can anyone with a similar amount of traffic or more confirm the issue? Is there a version that is still more solid? Thanks.

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Re: 3.5sw on VPN3030 Crashing 1x every 30 days or so.

I wonder if it’s an intermittent hardware issue. I don’t use PPTP so maybe there’s a software bug you’re uncovering in your specific environment that is causing this. But keep logging and try to capture when the problem happens for the TAC.

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