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3 Issues with VPN client software. Is VPN supported on XP?

#1 IP Overlap

The IP overlap issue happens because our internal network uses 192.168.X.X IPs and when users are on travel, they sometime log on to high speed internet access at hotels where the IP they receive is the same. So the VPN connects but the traffic doesn't go through to our internal network. If we change the IP they received from the hotel to 10.10.X.X then they can access the internal network. All machines are windows XP.


Problem number two is that for some home users that use sympatico DSL, the connection works every time but 50% of the time the DNS resolution doesn't work. We believe that for some unknown reason, it's trying to use NetBIOS instead of DNS. I can ping the IP but not the server name. Windows gives them a 169.x.x.x address and we believe that it might also give them the wrong node type. I don't know much about how this work however once we give users a static IP 10.10.x.x to the ethernet adapter and turn off lmhost lookup and turn off NETBIOS then it works all the time however if we enable Netbios or lmhost lookup or both then it works sometime and doesn't work other times. To recreate the problem I simply need to reboot many times and I get different results with the same settings. We started using lmhost file so that when we have DNS resolution problems, they can still connect to our exchange server however this should not be required. We need to determine why it is that sometimes XP does not use DNS to resolve the name. We've made some changes to the VPN setup and we've seen progress with the DNS resolution however it's still not working all the time. Sometimes we can tdo nslookup but we can't resolve the name. Other times we have to use the fully qualified name.


Out third problem is that we get many blue screens and we suspect it's the VPN client.

This is from one user



Stop: 0x000000D1 (0x8240B35E, 0x00000002, 0xF429B626)

CVPNDRV.SYS Address F429B626 base at F4286000 Date stamp 3d515775

or from another machine

This machine is brand new, we have not finished installing all the software yet although the vpn was installed.


STOP: 0x00000000A (0x0B76AADB,0X000000002,0X00000000,0X804EBF24)

No files names or no other hexadecimal numbers. There was nothing else running except maybe the virus checker which is PC-CILLIN from Trend Micro.The last thing we installed was the wireless mouse. It was not running the VPN at the time However when we install the VPN on an XP machine, we get an error message saying

"Deterministic Network Enhancer Miniport has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify compatibility with windows XP."

Also once the installation of the VPN is done we often get IKERNEL.EXE The instruction at "0x771c741a" referenced memory at "0x00163588". The memory could not be read "read". Click on OK to terminate the program.

Although the VPN was not running I suspect the deterministic service is always running.

Is there any update for windows XP of the VPN software or at least the deterministic network enhancer?

Most of the vpn clients are 3.6 although we are now installing 3.6.3 as of this week. However we get the same error messages when we install it the new version 3.6.3as the old 3.6 version. I uninstalled the previous version first and then installed 3.6.3. All our machines are windows XP with Office XP, adobe acrobat Visio and MS Project.


Re: 3 Issues with VPN client software. Is VPN supported on XP?


Solution for problem #1 would be to have your users "tunnel everything- ALL Tunneling" as opposed to Split tunneling, so that they can send traffic from the client, and only other thing that you need to make sure is that you do not assign them IP addresses from same address space(192.168.x.x) via MODE CONFIG(ie pool of IPs).

For other problems try using the latest client version 3.6.3C, if it doesn't help, open up a TAC case please to further troubelshoot.



New Member

Re: 3 Issues with VPN client software. Is VPN supported on XP?

We are having the same problem with # 1. Your suggestion for tunnel everything doesn`t work. The network diagram is as follow

VPN Client ( ) ---- Internet ----- VPN3k ----

The Client address is the same with VPN3000`s protected network.

Tunneling everything wouldn`t work, because the the Client is not sending encrypted packet to the VPN3K`s internal ( in this case is . The client assumes that 192.168.10/24 is on its local so , its ARPing the destination IP address ( in this case , we are ping to an address, which is behind the VPN3K) . Assigning a different pool IP address wouldn`t work also.

Any other suggestion ???

Best Regards,


New Member

Re: 3 Issues with VPN client software. Is VPN supported on XP?

Problem #1 is a known issue. This is actually a Microsoft problem that has to do with how microsoft deals with the ip stack and local routing on the local computer. Before creating the tunnel if you do a "route print" from the command line you will see the address conflict. If from the workstation you then delete the address from the local route table such as "route delete 192.168.x.x" then make your vpn connection it will work fine.

Problem #2 We are also experiencing some connection type problems over Cable/DSL providers that we have so far figured out is due to the use of USB ports on the workstation end instead of proper ethernet cards. We are still investingating this issue however so if you could post more information on what exactly you are experiencing it might be able to help us both out.

Problem #3 We are not experiencing blue screens, however, we send out a preconfigured silent install client which we tested thouroghly on multiple OS's prior to deployment and we do have a few users who complain of this error message. We have not been able to successfully duplicate it. The biggest problem we see with this error is that it doesn't show up on the users screen it sits minimized on the task bar so the installation just sits there waiting for the user to click OK to finish, but the user isn't aware that this is going on so it appears that the installation "hangs".

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Re: 3 Issues with VPN client software. Is VPN supported on XP?

I am experiencing the same issue as #3. Does anyone have the fix?

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Re: 3 Issues with VPN client software. Is VPN supported on XP?

The VPN Client needs to be installed from local admin on an XP Pro PC, otherwise the deterministic network enhancer fails to be installed.It also causes problem if you then try to uninstall it. I had this problem with version 3.6.4 and raised it with TAC, case number D886503.