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3002 Configuration Text File

Hi all,

WE wrote a tool in perl and html that generates a config file for the 3002. WE upload the file and all works well with static and dhcp configs. But when it comes to PPPoe, our html takes the clear text pppoe password and populates the config file with clear text instead of the encrypted pppoe password. Needless to say, the 3002 does not seem to have the ability to convert a clear text password and authenticate a pppoe connection. If I go back into the 3002 via its web interface and type the pppoe password and save, the site connects instantly and builds my tunnel. My questions are: 1) Is there a conversion method to convert the clear text pppoe password generated from our html web/perl tool into something the 3002 can understand? 2) Is there documentation available that covers all the detailed parameters of the 3002 text config file?

Thanks in advance,

Jerry Roy

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Re: 3002 Configuration Text File

The PPPoE password is encrypted using a propietary method, so unfortunately I can't tell you what it is (actually I don't even know exactly how it's done, but I know it's not something we're going to put in this thread). The only thing I could suggest is type the password into a local test 3002 first and then check the config file, then before you ship out the 3002 cut/paste that encrpyted password into it's config file.

There's no documentation around about the config file, primarily because we don't really want people making changes to it in order to configure their 30xx. It's easy to get a value wrong and then mess up your config completely.

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