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3005 VPN Concentrators 3002 Remote Access Session Remote IP address

I have several users who have a Cisco 3002 VPN hardware client behind a Linksys SOHO router with DSL or Cable modem access. When the client initially comes up and I look at the sessions screen on the 3005 headend VPN concentrator, I see the remote 3002 assigned ip address that is configured on the 3002. After a period of time, which might be an hour or maybe 10 hours, the display shows the assigned IP address as If I try to access the remote network (I am using network extension mode on the 3002) from another device behind the 3005, I can access the remote network and the devices on it. For all practical purposes, the tunnel is up and the user can operate without problem. But if I try to ping the remote 3002 from the adminster sessions screen on the headend 3005, I cannot. Other similiar symptoms are that sometimes instead of on the display, I will see the IP address of the remote Linksys device in that field. I am running Release 3.0.2 code on both devices. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior ? What might it be telling me ? Thanks in advance.


Re: 3005 VPN Concentrators 3002 Remote Access Session Remote IP

Since there has been no response to your post, it appears to be either too complex or too rare an issue for other forum members to assist you. If you don't get a suitable response to your post, you may wish to review our resources at the online Technical Assistance Center ( or speak with a TAC engineer. You can open a TAC case online at

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

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