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3015 v3.6.5 accessed by 4.0 client

any reason why this only works with a pre-shared key configuration and not certificate based connections. I cannot find any docs that say you must upgrade the concentrator to 4.0 before running the 4.0 client.

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Re: 3015 v3.6.5 accessed by 4.0 client

This should work OK. Can you open the log viewer on the client and set the Log Settings for Certificate to 3-High. At the same time if you can add the CERT class on the concentrator under Config - System - Events - Classes and set it to Severity to Log of 1-13, clear the log file.

Try a connection from the client and send us both the client log and the concentrator log (or at least any pertinent information you can see in there), this might tell us what's going on.

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Re: 3015 v3.6.5 accessed by 4.0 client

strangely enough it seems to be working now. I am not sure if i had a zonealarm issue or the fact that a nortel client is on the workstation as well.

it will be a huge bonus if the cisco v4.0 works while a nortel client is on the same pc. v3.6.3 does not work with other vpn clients very well at all.


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