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3705 missing from NSDB

I do not see signature 3705 listed on the NSDB when I go to the main signature list at the following link.


Is it missing from the NSDB?


Re: 3705 missing from NSDB

What version of Sensor software are you running? I just checked the S25, S26 and the soon to be released S27 NSDB's, and 3705 was present in all of them.

New Member

Re: 3705 missing from NSDB

Sensor Version 3.1(2)S26

Host Name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Host Id 1

Organization Name xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Organization Id 1

Post Office Port 45000

Web Server Port 443

CIDS Daemon Status netrangr 1007 1 0 15:13:14 ? 3:53 /usr/nr/bin/nr.packetd

netrangr 992 1 0 15:13:14 ? 15:53 /usr/nr/bin/nr.sapd

netrangr 988 1 0 15:13:14 ? 0:00 /usr/nr/bin/nr.loggerd

netrangr 1000 1 0 15:13:14 ? 0:00 /usr/nr/bin/nr.fileXferd

netrangr 974 1 0 15:13:14 ? 0:17 /usr/nr/bin/nr.postofficed

CIDS Connection Status Connection Status xxx_data_ctr

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Connection 1: xxx.xxxx.11.44 45000 1 [Established] sto:0002 with Version 1

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Connection 1: 45000 1 [Established] sto:0003 with Version 1

CIDS Version Application Versions for xxxxxx_data_ctr

The Version of the Sensor is: 3.1(2)S26

postoffice v220 (Release) 01/12/14-20:01

logger v220 (Release) 01/12/14-19:59

sap v220 (Release) 01/12/14-20:01

fileXfer v175 (Release) 01/07/11-21:48

sensor v262 (Release) 02/05/08-17:28


Re: 3705 missing from NSDB

Ok, I actualy looked on a sensor this time, and the file is indeed missing. There appears to be a bug in the NSDB merge process during the installation of a signature update. For the time being, you should be able to view the NSDB pages from one of the mgmt. platforms (IEV, CSPM, UNIX Director). We should have this fixed in the S28 signature update. Thanks for the feedback.

New Member

Re: 3705 missing from NSDB

I too am having this issue. Is there a way I can download the current NSDB? We do not have any of the management stations, and thus cannot access it.

Thank you

Ron Russell


Re: 3705 missing from NSDB

Should be able to access the full NSDB via IEV if you have installed it. Try this first. If this is not possible, you can download the CSPM signature update from CCO. This is simple a ZIP archive that contains the full NSDB also.

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