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4.1 troubles

After upgrading... I can no longer use ssl to connect to my 3005 , also, I can't save anymore.


Re: 4.1 troubles

Which interface are you trying to connect to for HTTPS management?

What do you mean by "can't save anymore"?

Usually when posting for help, it's useful to actually ask a question and give useful, relevant information.

Cisco Employee

Re: 4.1 troubles

Hi Mendes,

I think you might be referring to HTTPS to the box, kindly make sure that under your PUBLIC interface (webVPN tab), you have the HTTP/HTTP management checkbox selected as without that you will not be able to do HTTPS or if SSL is giving issues then check to make sure if WebVPN is selected there.

Its under:

Configuration | Interfaces | Ethernet 2 | WebVPN tab

hope this helps




Community Member

Re: 4.1 troubles

Hi ,

i have the same problem at the time. I upgrade to version 4.1 and i can`t save the config. The webvpn works fine , up to the reboot. After the reboot the SSL certificate is not avalible , and i can't generate a new one.

I have made the entrys on the interface.

The last solution is a downgrade to Version 3 then i can generate a SSL certifikate and the SSL access works properly.

Community Member

Re: 4.1 troubles

I had the same problem and contacted TAC for help. This is what they told me to do: (Use at your own Risk).



1) Login to the concentrator through a console (or telnet) connection.

2) Type "911" once you are logged in.

3) This will require you to login should be in the special debugging mode at this time.

4) Type "fsck -a"....this will reset your file system.

5) Then type "exit" to get out of the debugging mode.


I had to repeat these steps and change step 4 to "fsck -av" and then reboot before everything would work correctly.


Community Member

Re: 4.1 troubles

thanks.. I will give it a shot...

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