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506e need to enable Video Phone

I have setup a company site using a 506e using PDM and all is going well.

Recently we hired some hearing impaired personnel and we are installing some video phones for them - Sorensen VP-200. Currently all I can get to function is outbound voice, inbound voice/video does not work.

The info I have is that this device needs to allow any IP to connection inbound on 1720 - H323 TCP

with an inclusive port range of 15328 - 15348 TCP/UDP.

I have not been able to get this device configured to enable succesful communications in both directions. I have read through the PIX admin pdf and I just cannot get this device working. I have checked this device at home and it works.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank You


Re: 506e need to enable Video Phone

When an outbound packet arrives at a PIX Firewall higher security level interface (security levels can be viewed with the show nameif command), the PIX Firewall checks to see if the packet is valid based on the Adaptive Security Algorithm, and then whether or not previous packets have come from that host. If not, then the packet is for a new connection, and PIX Firewall creates a translation slot in its state table for the connection. The information that PIX Firewall stores in the translation slot includes the inside IP address and a globally unique IP address assigned by Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT), or Identity (which uses the inside address as the outside address). The PIX Firewall then changes the packet's source IP address to the globally unique address, modifies the checksum and other fields as required, and forwards the packet to the lower security level interface.

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