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6500 FWSM SQLNET Problem

We have a FWSM installed on a 6509. There are 2 Oracle 10G database servers sitting behind the FWSM. The oracled servers have the following IP addresses and hostnames: - db1 - db2

These servers are not NATted at all, cause they serve a closed network. When a client initiates a session to db1 server on TCP port 1521 (SQLNET) and db1 does not have any available ports to answer the client request, this server sends a redirect packet to the client with the IP address of db2 and a new TCP port number on db2 for the client to establish a new session. However when this redirect packet is traversing the FWSM, the IP address in the redirect packet is changed from db2 IP address to db1 IP address. So the client receives a redirect from db1 to db1 and the connection is not established.

Could this problem relate to the bug ID CSCsc87644 (however this bug is first found in version 2.3(3) and we are using version 2.3(2))

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