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6509 with FWSM and VPN module

Our company is looking at purchasing a FWSM and VPN module for each of our 6509's (as VPN support was removed from the FWSM).

I have researched into this configuration and noticed that originally the FWSM and VPN blades were not supported in the same chassis due to IOS version problems.

However it looks like Native IOS 12.2(14)SY does support this?.

We want to put our 2 6509's at the edge of the network, connecting to the internet (web hosting site) and will have 8 DMZ'z for various services.

The FWSM will firewall the perimeter of the network and control access to the various DMZ's, while the vpn modules will allow RAS connections and terminate extranet VPN tunnels.

We would also would like the 6509's to use QoS to limit/control bandwidth on various protocols,ip ranges and directions.

Will this image do what we want it to do??

Has anyone had experience with the new IOS Image?

Also, we originally wanted to implement Content blades in the 6509's to load balance servers. However this is not supported on Native IOS. We do however have 2x11500's. Is it possible to set these up (in bridging mode) to allow multiple firewall VLANs to use the CSS's.

Thanks in advance

Brent Arkley


Re: 6509 with FWSM and VPN module

The above mentioned s/w seems to supporting only VPN service module and not FWSM, if you have access to software advisory tools take a look.

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