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802.1X Machine Authentication ONLY!

Hi. I have a customer who wants to perform 802.1x machine authentication only to prevent users connecting there own devices to the corporate network. The machine credentials will be authenticated via Cisco ACS which will proxy the authentication to ActiveDirectory. If successful, the 802.1x assigns the port to a VLAN. At this point, the port is 'opened up' and the user can recieve an IP address and can then login to the domain as normal (AD username/password) via the network login screen. Is this a workable solution?

I basically want the end user to not notice anything new, but 802.1x operates in the background to authenticate the machine before displaying the network login box. To the user, the PC boots and displays the login box and they login as normal :-) If they bring in their own device, it will fail 802.1x machine authentication and will not get any access.

Has anyone implemented this? Is it a feasible design?



Cisco Employee

Re: 802.1X Machine Authentication ONLY!

Hi Darren,

good news for you.. you can do this using the "Machine Access Restriction" on both ACS 4.x and ACS 5.x:

* ACS 5.x:

* ACS 4.x:

As soon as the machine performs the 802.1x using the client credentials, the ACS will keep this info on a cache and it will match any further auth attempt (e.g. using the user credentials) for this client using the "Calling-Station-ID", so basically the client's MAC address.

Depending on whether a client performed or not Machine Authentication before, you can decide whether to assign a sort of restricted access/guest VLAN or to deny access.

If the personal client doesn't have a 802.1x supplicant at all, then you can decide to enable the guest vlan feature on the switch itself.

I hope this helps.




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