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802.1x with MAB loses printers

We have implemented a dot1x secured network with 3750 switches, MAB is configured for HP printers.

This works well, but we recently shut down the network core switches and when the core switches were brought back up,

the printers stay offline, they have gone into standby mode and ACS does not show them re-authenticating.

The printers will lose contact with the print server and go into standby and the access switches lose contact with the ACS

I suspect that there is no network traffic from the printers and therefore no mac address captured and sent by the acess switches.

A reload of the switches brings them back online.

My question is,  does this sound the right conclusion? I have not done much PD on this, but if it is, do we have to reload the

printers when this happens or is there a way to get MAB to restart (the access switches and their ports stay up)

Any help on this much appreciated.

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Re: 802.1x with MAB loses printers

Just noticed a typo with my previous post, it was reloading the

printer that brings it back online not the switch.

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