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827 router - VPN config help!!!

Here is the scenario:

I have an 827 that has a static IP address that I want remote users to be able to VPN into and access our inside network.

I thought it would be easy, but the only configs I have been able to find say to use the Cisco Secure VPN client 1.1! I do not want to use that! Am I missing something?

Anyways...I want to know if there is a way to use the newest Cisco VPN client and set that up on the router. Any help is greatly appreciated. The IOS that the router is running is 12.0.(14).


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Re: 827 router - VPN config help!!!

To connect with the Cisco VPN Client you'll need to run at least 12.2(8)T on the router. The release notes for it are here:

The above link has the config commands, or there's a sample config here also:

This uses TACACS for user authentication, if you want to use the local database just change the "TACACS" word in the "aaa authentication ....." command to "local"

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Re: 827 router - VPN config help!!!

If I am not using a TACACS server at all, do I even have to put the aaa authentication parts in?

I am used to working with PIX configs for setting VPN up and it seems to me that we could just do the ipsec and isakmp parts and not have to worry about that right?

Thank you for the above response and your further help!

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