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871w EasyVPN server can't RDP to Windows server

I have configured an EasyVPN server with SDM, and am using a pool with a different private network. I can ping and telnet to 25 on our server, but can't establish a terminal services connection. I have tried a fix found here:

...but it doesn't work. Interestingly, while I was removing the changes made after reading the forum post, I sent "no access-list 199" to the router, and couldn't reach anything through the WAN port (http, 3389, etc.) from the Internet, but was able to VPN in and get terminal services on the server. I reloaded without saving to wipe the slate clean, but am back to square one. I really hate leaving terminal services open to anyone on the Internet, and would appreciate some help in securing it. Here's my config, with the obvious stuff obfuscated:

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