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871w, ipsec and mapping drive

I have an 871 at a small office and cisco clients remote. Using the SDM I set up a vpn to allow access to the lan at the office. Problem is I cannot map a drive through the vpn. I have read through many posts here but haven't found an answer.

Connecting via vpn from my laptop, I can connect to the internal interface of the 871 with the SDM and it functions. I cannot map a drive to a Windows XP box on the office lan using \\\folder . I can ping that address through the vpn. This router is the only router in the office.

There isn't a wins server there and wouldn't think I would need one if I am using an ip address for mapping. Incidentally I can map it if I am in that office.

Attached is my config with relevant items changed of course. But you should be able to tell what goes with what ip wise etc.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: 871w, ipsec and mapping drive

Additional on the above. I have installed two Polycoms and a printer in that private network. I can reach the web interface on each of those via the vpn. So this must be some Windows share issue. Anyone have an idea how I can get this to work?



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Re: 871w, ipsec and mapping drive


Enable netbios over tcpip and disable Windows firewall. Tried changing file and printer sharing scope to all computers but that didn't work. So disabled the firewall as they are behind one anyway.


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