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A new modem state: resetting


We have upgraded to 12.1(12c)EC our ubr7246VXRs. We have discovered a new cable modem stated since then: resetting. Could you please explain me what this state means and when it happens?.

Thank you.

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Re: A new modem state: resetting

The Cisco uBR7200 series universal broadband routers (the Cisco uBR7223, the Cisco uBR7246, and the Cisco uBR7246 VXR), are CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) platforms. On the CMTS universal broadband routers, the message "Resetting CMTS interface" can be seen when cable interfaces are reset due to the complete loss of received packets.

Try the debug cable reset command in privileged EXEC mode to see these messages. The following shows typical output from the debug cable reset command:

Router# debug cable reset

CMTS reset debugging is on


Resetting CMTS interface. Num SIDs = 32 Ranging count = 10

Elapsed time: 21 seconds

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Re: A new modem state: resetting


Thank you for your information. However I don´t know if this answer correspond to my question. I was asking about the differents cable modem states that you see when executing "show cable modem" command in an uBR7246: online, offline, resetting, etc... I wanted to know the meaning of resetting state and I think your answer talk about resetting the interface in the uBR7246. I was refering to the cable modems (or cable routers) connected to the uBR7246, not to the uBR7246 itself.

Am I wrong?. Could you please tell me if I misunderstood you?.

Thank you very much.

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