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A problem with my VPN

Here's the situation, I have a Windows 2000 VPN server at my corporate office sitting behind a firewall. Outside of the firewall is a 3600 with a Point to point T1 link connected to our Production center. When I am at the production center I am able to connect to the corporate VPN and I am able to browse network shares and such but I am unable to open Outlook which connects to an exchange server, I also cannot open any intranet web sites that we have running.

The DNS is all set up correctly as well as the WINS server. I am under the impression that once I connect to a VPN all things (services, protocols etc.) are tunneled through that and therefore do not need to be explicitly defined on my firewall rule set. If anyone has any solutions for me I would greatly appreciate it. Also If you could add your comments on whether you think this is solely a MS problem or a Pix firewall rule set issue?

That would help..


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Re: A problem with my VPN

I am running into the same issue. A user on the vpn is able to access shares on the Exchange server and run all file/print services.

When he tries to connect to exchange, he is not able to connect and it says exchange server unavailable.

Note: that if he enters the exchange server "private" ip address and tries a "Check name" from within the outlook client , it returns with a mailbox id.

But login to the exchange does not work.

I saw a post on another list that said that having the Domain controller entry in LMHOSTS would help.


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Re: A problem with my VPN

Sounds like a name resolution issue. To determine this try and ping the private address of the computer you are trying to connect to. ie. exchange or web server. If that works then try and ping the name of the computer. If that fails then it is a name resolution issue. Add the computer names and addresses to the LMHOSTS file. Try and ping the computer name again and if it works now it is name resolution that is the problem. You will then at least know for sure if this is the problem.

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