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A Puzzle

I am by no means educated in the use of Cisco products. I am mearly stuck in a position that requires immediate attention.

Our company had a WAN connection between a PIX 501E and a 3015 VPN Concentrator. The WAN has not given us any problem for quite some time. The PIX is managed by a telecom company. Last May, we increased the number of devices at the remote office exceeding the maximum 10 connections. It took us quite some time to figure that part out.

The telecom company decided that we need to swap out the 501E PIX appliance and replace it with a 1811. We did the switch and as a result we have plenty of VPN connections...BUT

There are four users who can no longer logon properly to the domain. When they log on to any PC in this segment, it takes about 45 minutes before the desktop comes up. And when it does, they don't have their mapped drives or their printers. They do not have permission to access the local file server. I have done everything to their profiles short of deleting them to make this work.

The telecom guy has tried to help but is quite content that the rest of the users accounts work. The problem is not related to any one computer as the ones that can log on, can do so on any computer.

I'm just not sure how this is happening. Is there something missing on the 3015's settings that the 1811 needs?

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