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AAAing Unix devices utilizing CSACS NT/2000 3.0

We currently have a CSACS NT/2000 3.0. We are currently utilizing this to AAA all Cisco infrastructure gear.

My question is: Is it possible to utilize the CSACS to AAA Unix infrastructure systems?

My assumption is, if Unix utilizes the RADIUS standard that this is possible??. However, I haven't come across any documentation that speaks of Unix being able to do this. If yes, can you point me to some Unix config examples?!! I think I can figure out how to config the ACS, but I want to pass along the Unix config to the SAs.

The goal is to centralize the AAA for Unix devices!


Cisco Employee

Re: AAAing Unix devices utilizing CSACS NT/2000 3.0

Not sure what exactly you are looking for but I assume you are looking for one of the two following things

1) Unix as a AAA cleint

You can make unix systems to sent authentication request to aaa server..Its purely application issue..You may find/develop application which act as aaa client on unix systems.

2)AAA server which runs on unix..Am i right??

Cisco does have AAA server which runs on unix..Here is the url for that

New Member

Re: AAAing Unix devices utilizing CSACS NT/2000 3.0


I was looking for (1). I was almost positive that you could do this, however, the Unix SAs were not so sure. Like I said previously, if the Unix system can utilize RADIUS then this should work.

Thanks again!

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