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ability to add secret password to local usernames 2511

We have a 2511 that I have been tasked with setting up as our access server. I was not comfortable using telnet and making it publicly accessible so I searched for an IOS that had the SSH feature.

Originally, the IOS version was 12.3 (c2500-is-l.123.3.bin). With this version, there was no SSH. However, I could assign a secret to local usernames (i.e. username jsmith privilege 15 SECRET 5 <&#(sSJ*((#*&@> )

Now that I have loaded the latest available version that has SSH (c2500-ik8os-l.122-29b.bin) I cannot assign secrets to the usernames. I can only assign passwords with the level 7 encryption. (i.e. username jsmith privilege 15 PASSWORD 7 <password> )

I was under the impression that anything above 12.2 had md5 password capabilities (the enable secret is encrypted at level 5, but I cannot do the same to my username accounts for local logins)

Question: Is there a version that has both? I am not turning something on where I should be? What is the name of the feature that enables local login username/password level 5 secret encryption?

Thank you for your attention.


Re: ability to add secret password to local usernames 2511

I think that there is no IOS version which supports both MD5 and SSH.

Re: ability to add secret password to local usernames 2511

Hi Steven,

I apologize, as I do not have an IOS device in front of me to test this. However, does your device have the 'service password-encryption' command? If so, this should encrypt the passwords in your configuration using MD5.

Let me know if that works.


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