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About VMS 2.1 winr-k9,want to use this tool in same server with ACS


I already bouught VMS and am about to install it. Have mainly three questions:

1.- I want to install it in same server I installed Cisco Secure ACS. Because with ACS I used the Common Services CD, but with version 2.0, I see that with my VMS I received the Common services version 1.0, Which version Do I have to use with my VMS?

Also, there's a CD one included, Do I have to use it or not necessary.

2.- I do want to use the IDS, PIX and security monitor services, but I do also want to install all of these in the same server than Cisco Secure ACS, all services running together. Manual says its better to use IDS and PIX in one server and the Security Monitor in another. I am going to monitor only 6 pixes AND six IDSs. According to your experience, what shall recommend?

3.- The Cisco Security Monitor is only for logs, Any port should conflict actual ACS operation?

I will appreciate your help,




Re: About VMS 2.1 winr-k9,want to use this tool in same server w

Hello Soco,

Answer to q.1 -

CDOne is not needed. All you need is to install common services cd and then install, PIX MC, AUS, IDS MC and then Sec Monitor. ACS and VMS in the same server will give you a lot of problem and its not supported.

Answer to q.2 -

As long as you don't install ACS in the same server, rest should be ok.

Answer 3 -

You shouldn't install ACS in the same server, not supported, and doesn't function.



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Re: About VMS 2.1 winr-k9,want to use this tool in same server w

Regarding your answer, in the same box I found some other CDs which I don't know in which order should be installed.

I have IDS host sensor console, cisco secure policy manager and Resource manager essencials. Shall I install this CDs also and in which order?

After the Security Monitor, I mean, at the end?

What are these other features used for?



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